Real Property

Navy AnnexITC maintains a service offering through Facilities Support and Analysis.  We provide Real Property Data Management support to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Through a program of continuous V&V on more than 700 leases, ITC provides TSA the assurance that its Real Estate data is accurate, complete, and timely. To date, ITC has validated and verified more than 20,000 data points, and executed 12,000 changes, providing monthly reports on Lease and Rent Statistics, Expiring Leases, and Space Actions that give TSA critical decision-making information for its Real Estate portfolio. To maintain the accuracy of the data over time, ITC developed and implemented 21 standing business rules to guide lease data verification and independent validation. ITC has documented and improved 12 key business processes to ensure lease data accuracy and consistency. On a monthly basis, ITC verifies and validates 2500-3000 data points, making 100-250 changes per month. On a quarterly and annual basis, ITC provides the reports and responses to all Congressional, OMB, and DHS data calls and requests for information. Through all of these activities, ITC has become a subject matter expert on Real Estate Data Management.

For Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), we support the Facilities Services Directorate (FSD) that manages five major government properties, has a customer base of 64,000 personnel, and is overseeing the substantial renovation of the United States Pentagon.   We provide management consulting and process improvement to ensure that each facility maintains operational readiness.  We implemented a Change Management methodology to help recommended innovative concepts, operational and analytical techniques, and planning criteria for performing, analyzing, and executing management of the facilities in a more efficient manner.  Additionally, ITC provides management support services in the areas of budget and cost analyses of each facility’s long range multi-year plan.  Most recently, ITC reengineered FSD’s service catalog in order to extract redundancies and make it available at the enterprise level.

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