Oracle ERP


IT Coalition specializes in Federal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions including¬†solution design, business process reengineering, application configurations, implementation, and core production Support. The concept of ERP application solution is to capture transactional, or event, data once at inception to disseminate information across multi-dimensional relevant business areas for research, reference, and reporting. This helps the federal agency to comply with federal mandates, federal reporting, and efficient execution of agency missions. Driven by budgetary pressures and various government mandates, such as the Open Government Directive and Government Performance and Results (GPRA) Modernization Act of 2010, federal agencies seek greater transparency, efficiency, and accountability in their administrative and fiduciary operations. ITC provides in-depth knowledge and experience in many federal Enterprise resource planning solutions including Oracle Federal E-Business Suites, PeopleSoft, Lexmark/Kofax MarkView, Contract Management systems, Grant Management Systems, and reporting solutions such as OBEII and SAP business objects reporting solutions. ITC’s knowledge, understanding, and experience with federal accounting practices, Treasury Financial Manuals, OMB guidelines, agency policies, and department reporting requirements is key to the successful ERP solutions. ITC has been providing quality ERP solutions and support services to major federal agencies and components including United States Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration, and Domestic Nuclear Detection Office.

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