Management Consulting

Working Group

ITC employs a range of methodologies that have been implemented across many different government and private sector environments and have realized consistent and measureable results. Our consulting practice includes Strategic Planning, Business Process Reengineering, Organizational Redesign, Change Management, Project Management, and Performance Management methodologies.  We implement Lean Six Sigma and PMP PMBOK processes to help independently create, present, and implement changes derived from analyses.  Often times, for special projects in support of high ranking government officials, ITC assists with research for pros and cons of possible solutions, data analysis of said solutions, and presentations of our recommended approaches and analytical techniques to best implement the solution.

Additional areas of consulting expertise that ITC offers is organizational gap analysis.  This analysis focuses on any existing policies or mandates around organizational delayering. Such mandates often aim at reducing the amount of organizational layers within the organization in an attempt to make it flatter, more integrated, and therefore able to more quickly adapt to environmental changes and fluid customer requirements. ITC employs change management practices and ensures employees maintain their focus on the organizational strategy through a well-developed communication plan.

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