Human Resources

TeamITC enjoys a diverse portfolio of Human Resources Management (HRM) services. We specialize in each of the five (5) core areas of the HRM Lifecycle; Recruiting, Benefits, Records & Payroll, Training, and Organizational Management. ITC has a mission critical HR contract with Customs and Border Protection (CBP), who is the frontline border security component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We operate two major hiring centers with tasks that are tied to a Presidential Mandate. At the contracts start, there was a backlog of 20,000 CBP Agent applications and our tasks included recruiting new agents, promotions for current agents, medical evaluations and background investigation support of applicants, records management, and inbound call support. Additionally, we provide data analysis and Cognos reporting to the Director of CBP HRM and have helped transition records management to an electronic platform. In a little over a year, ITC has managed to streamline the hiring process and cut the application backlog from 20,000 to 10,000.

To round out our full lifecycle service offering, we provide expertise in a variety of HR service areas at the NASA Shared Service Center (NSSC) with a strong emphasis on subject matter expertise and a caseworker approach to employees at all NASA centers. At NASA, Team ITC provides key lead support to the Personnel Action Processing team, which covers transactional Human Resources (HR) activities that are necessary to appoint, separate, record and maintain personnel changes for NASA employees. ITC Specialists process these and other related records to produce updated Senior Executive Service (SES) data; Official Personnel Folder (OPF) data; SF 50s (Notification of Personnel Action); and all Non-SF 50 data. This activity is crucial in providing accurate personnel data at all times to the Agency. NASA has adopted the electronic Official Personnel Folder system (eOPF). The eOPF is an electronic version of your Official Personnel Folder and contains all the official records required to document employees’ Federal career. ITC Specialists provide lead support to the NASA eOPF program by: Maintaining all information, forms, and data that comprise the OPF; Administering the eOPF system for NASA employees; Serving as the custodian of employee records by establishing, maintaining, purging, transferring, and arranging files for archiving; Inserting and purging documents, as necessary, to meet regulatory and NASA guidance; Producing reports; Providing SF-75 (request for preliminary employment data) information, as required; and Maintaining and transferring employee performance files.

The NSSC has adopted a ‘hire to retire’ caseworker approach where all employees receive a caseworker at the beginning of their employment to assist with their in-processing and benefits as they transition into the NASA workforce. ITC supports this service area by providing a top-level subject matter expert who serves as the Program Lead for the In-Processing Team and the Technical Lead for Benefits. The In-Processing Team provides this level of service to new NASA civil servants, transferred employees, reemployed annuitants, reinstated, converted, and reassigned employees. The ITC Team continues to provide key specialist support for both Benefits and Retirements, rounding out the hire to retire service approach. The NSSC administers the Federal benefits and retirement programs for NASA’s civilian employees. Employees must contact the NSSC for assistance with their benefit and retirement questions. This support includes but is not limited to; retirements estimates, retirement counseling, retirement processing, military and civilian deposits and redeposit, and all benefit forms related to counseling and processing. Additionally, ITC provides benefits and retirement counseling services to government employees. These services encompass providing advice and assistance for retirement estimates in both CSRS & FERS, explanations of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) options, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) coverage and Social Security (SS) coverages. We also provide retirement application assistance to our customers during the preparation and submission phases prior to being submitted to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

IT specialists also lead and support the NSSC Financial Disclosure Team. This team provides support to the Agency ethics offices, human resources offices, and financial disclosure filers for Confidential Financial Disclosure Office of Government (OGE) Form 450, Public Financial Disclosure Report OGE Form 278, and Periodic Transaction Report OGE Form 278-T through NASA’s Ethics Program Tracking System (EPTS) and related services. Public and confidential financial disclosures serve to identify and prevent conflicts of interest by providing a systematic review of the financial interest of both current and prospective officers and employees. These reports assist agencies in administering their ethics program and providing counseling to employees. ITC provides the team lead for this functional area as well as the technical system support for the Ethics Program Tracking System (EPTS).

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