Financial Management


ITC has provided a broad range of financial services for the past 5 years to a range of customers including the USCG, TSA, NASA, and the FBI.  The majority of this work has been as a prime contractor and we have a demonstrated record of success in the following major areas:

Accounting and ERP-ITC provides full lifecycle accounting services (including GL, AP, AR, and audit support) for both DHS and NASA.  These personnel support everything from day to day transactions to very complex reconciliations, reporting, and audit support.  Our team works across a range of financial systems including Oracle and SAP. Just this year at the Annual DHS CFO Awards Ceremony, our SMEs received the Award for Excellence Program and Exceptional Service, for significant contributions to the financial management community and received recognition as the model for saving taxpayer dollars, improving financial management, and/or increasing fiscal accountability in support of the DHS mission, Goals, and objectives

Budgeting Support-ITC provides end to end budgeting support that includes both budget formulations (including OMB 300 support) and budget execution (including spend plan management and purchase card administration).  We support very large programs with $100M+ budgets including TSA’s passenger screening program and electronic baggage screening programs.

Business Case development and lifecycle cost estimating.  ITC has a solid track record of performing complex business case analysis for major acquisitions (including data center build outs) and performing lifecycle cost estimating for major acquisitions.  As an example we have supported the USCG’s independent cost estimating team for the past 4 years in stabling independent lifecycle cost estimates for very large projects including major coast guard vessels.

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